Thursday, December 20, 2012

Supporting Local Children this December

It is a known fact that many children in our community often go to school hungry and that saddens us immensely at My Little Green Shop. Even worse is knowing that many inner city schools who need to offer a lunch program do not simply due to a lack of funds.

To be better informed on how serious this issue is in Vancouver read this December 19th, 2012 article in The Vancouver Sun titled 'Captain Cook In Dire Need of Food.'

We, the owners of My Little Green Shop, strongly believe in giving back to our community and so this December we will be donating 5 % of proceeds to the Adopt-a-School Program. This program was launched by The Vancouver Sun soon after publishing a letter by Vancouver inner city elementary school teacher Carrie Gelson in the fall of 2011. Carrie had written an open letter to the public describing the sad conditions under which many of her students were living. Click here to read more about the background of the Adopt-a-School Program and click here to donate directly to the fund.

With a little help from many who can easily afford to help, many local, disadvantaged children can have much better lives.


Savara, Sebastian, Jim + Lili

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

May is Midwifery Month

We have a very soft spot in our hearts for midwives - when Sebastian & Savara were born, we had Chloe & Heather from Bloom Community Midwives to help bring them into the world. It was a wonderful experience - especially since our babes were both born at home.

There'll be a picnic at Trout Lake Park on May 5th for all you Vancouverites. We hope to see you there! :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Family in Need

We were recently extremely touched by a news story of a young woman from Dawson Creek who is in a medically induced coma after being hit by an SUV in Surrey. Her family is struggling financially to remain by her side. My Litttle Green Shop will be donating 5% of March's proceeds to this family to help them out.

See this article - for info on how to donate to this family.

We sincerely thank everyone who shopped at MLGS in March. March sales were great and on April 10th $300 was deposited into the joint account at BMO set up for this family.

To the family: We so hope your daughter is recovering well and your family is finding the strength to get through this difficult period.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

MLGS' New Customer Referral Program

Our business is growing very rapidly and that is largely because of word of mouth from happy customers. We really appreciate our customers speaking highly of My Little Green Shop and so to thank them, on Jan 1st 2012, we introduced a financial rewards program, named our New Customer Referral Program.  As the business grows, we're able to offer more and more product lines, which is really exciting to us and keeps our happy customers coming back.

The basic idea behind this program is that an existing customer or anyone who likes what we carry brings us a new customer and the new customer places an order worth $50 or more, both parties are rewarded. The referrer gets a cheque for $10 and the person being referred gets 15% off their first order. Wow, right?!

Here are the easy peasy steps within  this new program:

1)  Refer a friend or relative to My Little Green Shop. Refer as many people as you like. We've got a brand new cheque book and it is big and fat. :)
2) Have him or her send us an e-mail - - prior to placing an order telling us who referred them.
3) Upon receipt of that e-mail, we'll send them a discount code that gives 15% off their first order, which must be a minimum of $50. The 15% off code can not be combined with any other discount code or promotional offer.
4) After his/her order has been placed, we'll send the referrer a cheque for a cool $10.00

There is no limit to the number of cheques one person can receive, so refer as many people as you like.